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  • Is your product USDA certified organic?
    No. Our farm strives to operate in a "beyond organic" fashion through the following: * Rotational Grazing * Feeding an all organic or non-GMO feed to our animals * Never using chemicals on our fields or administering drugs to our animals, We do not have any current plans to try to obtain a USDA organic stamp on our products. Unfortunately, the big producers have figured out how to mislead consumers with use of labels such as "Organic," "Free Range," and "Natural." In many cases, confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) have made minor changes to be able to use such lables, and we, as consumers, are paying a higher price for an almost identical product to the original product. We hope that you'll come visit our farm and/or message us directly to inquire about how we operate. We get excited to answer any questions regarding our farm model and explain how our product differs from products with fancy labeling at the grocery store.
  • Can you deliver to me?
    We deliver to the Quad Cities, Iowa City, Muscatine & surrounding areas. See our detailed information on deliveries here.
  • Can I pick up my products on farm?
    We love it when customers want to visit the farm! Right now we do not currently have a regularly scheduled time for order pick-ups, but if you prefer to pick up your order please message us at or send us a direct message on Facebook so we can set something up with you!
  • Why can't I find your farm?
    Unfortunately, some GPS servers pin our address incorrectly or give in-accurate directions to our farm (yes, we've contacted them to try to get this changed!). Please follow this map to get to our farm OR use this map to make sure that your GPS has you on the correct route.
  • Will you expand your product offerings?
    We hope to! Are you interested in something you don't see on our web store? If so, email us at or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to hear what you would like to see us offer.
  • Do you offer sugar or nitrate free bacon, sausage or brats?"
    Not yet! We are currently working with our processor to be able to obtain these products. The approval and labeling from the government is a very long process! Our goal is to be able to offer products without sugar and unnatural forms of nitrates. We will be sure to notify everyone when these become available. Join our mailing list and you'll be the first to know - we are hoping to have these products by early 2019!
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