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Our Story

 A Quest for Wellness 

Married since 2009, Rick & I (Alyssa) have spent all of our years together in rural Iowa. Having animals on the farm was not an original part of my plan. However, Rick was quick to purchase anything I agreed to - starting with three overpriced prize show chickens early in our marriage - in order to fulfill his desire to have animals on the farm.  As our family grew, so did our awareness of health and wellness, not only for ourselves, but for our environment and for animals raised for meat production.

The meat producing industry caught our attention a few years into our marriage after watching various documentaries regarding farming, meat production and our health.  We began reading books by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, listening to podcasts about the current state of health in the United States; beginning with Restoring Human - a favorite of ours early on, by our Chiropractor and his business partner, and were influenced by the Weston A. Price Foundation.  We became disenchanted with purchasing food at the grocery store and started our mission to use our small farm to nourish our family, our friends and our community.

Since our start in 2013 selling our farm fresh eggs to local families, our family has grown, our farm has grown and we've moved!  Our current 46-acre farm is located South of Tipton, IA.  We proudly raise pastured poultry, farm fresh eggs and pastured pork for the Quad Cities, Iowa City, Muscatine, Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas.  We hope to grow and expand in the coming years, God willing, with the help of our kiddos (introduced below).

 Our Family 
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