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Bulk Pastured Chicken DEPOSIT

Bulk Pastured Chicken DEPOSIT


2023 Chickens will be $25 per chicken. See details below.


Organic Fed Whole Bird Chicken - raised entirely on pasture after graduating the chick brooder. Moved to fresh pasture daily, our pastured chicken has a flavor and nutritional profile that cannot be matched. August Acres pastured chickens feast on a fresh buffet of bugs and grass and are supplemented with premium all organic fresh milled feed. Save the bones for chicken broth/stock to get even more nutritional benefit and meals from your chicken!


Our bulk pastured chicken offer gives you the option to purchase your family's entire year's supply of chicken. Guarantee your product! We are only planning to raise enough for our pre-orders this year so be sure to place your order now to guarantee you get the amount of chickens you'd like!


2023 Availability of Bulk Pastured Chicken: Chicken Available first weekend in June!

*Orders must be received by March 31, 2023 

*Upon placing your order, you will pay a non-refundable DEPOSIT of $15/chicken. Once the chicken returns from the processor (June 1), we will invoice you the remaining cost of the chickens you purchased as follows: $25 per Chicken - $15 Deposit Already Paid = $10 per each chicken on final invoice. Final invoice must be paid to claim your chickens.

*No minimum order quantity 

*Pick up on the farm will be Saturday, June 2nd or Sunday afternoon, June 3rd.

*Orders of 10+ chickens will be delivered for free (within an hour drive of the farm in Tipton - message us if you want to know if you qualify)

*Please advise in the notes section if you prefer small (3-4#), medium (4-5#) or large (5+ #) chickens. We do our best to accomodate size requests!

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