Bulk Pastured Pork DEPOSIT -Whole or Half Hog

Bulk Pastured Pork DEPOSIT -Whole or Half Hog


NOTE - Non-Refundable Deposit Only: Balance due upon delivery to locker.


Please scroll down to the bottom and read the "Additional Information" below for all of the information regarding our bulk pork puchasing option!


If you would like to also place a monthly delivery order, please do so on a SEPARATE order.  All bulk orders must be placed individually.  

  • Additional Information

    Why purchase a whole or half pig?

    Purchasing a whole or half pig from August Acres assure you the best quality premium meat for the most affordable rate. In addition, you're in charge of the cuts! At the locker, you'll have the freedom to get the cuts your family prefers and freedom to have them process products without the ingredients that you'd like to avoid.


    About August Acres Red Wattle Pigs.

    The August Acres heritage pig of choice is the Red Wattle Pig. The history of Red Wattles is relatively unknown, but they were rumored to have been found grazing a timber area in Texas by a local rancher in the 1970s who has bred them into the breed we have today.


    Red Wattle meat is unlike pork you'll find today at the store - it is red, flavorful, and has wonderful marbling and a great fat cap around the meat. The pork at the store has been bred over time to reduce fat and color from the meat. Once weaned from their mother, our pigs are fed a premium organic, non-GMO feed freshly milled in Iowa. We take pride in the slow growth of these pigs, which creates a flavor and nutritional profile that cannot be matched.


    How much will it cost?

    Every animal is different, but here is what we expect from our Red Wattles when they are ready for the locker:

    250lb Live Pig = 175lb Hanging Weight = 120lb Final Meat Product


    • How much will we pay August Acres?

    We charge according to the locker verified hanging weight.

    Our fees are as follows:

    • $3.50/lb hanging weight for a WHOLE pig * 175lb avg hanging weight = $613
    • $3.75/lb hanging weight for a HALF pig * 87.5lb ave hanging weight =$328


    • How much will I pay the locker?

    Locker fees vary depending upon the cuts you prefer. Ground meat and roasts are the most reasonable in price. Cured bacon and processed brats will cost more to process. The average starting range for locker costs is $200/pig.


    Final Cost:

    • Whole Pig: $3.50lb * 175lb avg hanging weight = $613 to August Acres + $200 to Locker

                  =  $813/Whole Pig

    $813 pig divided by avg 120lb product received = $6.75/lb


    • Half Pig: $3.75/lb * 87.5lb avg hanging weight = $328 to August Acres + $100 to Locker

         = $428/Half Pig

    $428 half pig divided by avg 60lb product received = $7.13/lb 


    If you purchased all of your cuts separately, you'd pay an average of over $10/lb! That results in a more than $350 savings for you on a whole pig!


    What locker do you use?

    Currently we process exclusively at the Durant Locker in Durant, IA.


    Where will I store my meat?

    You will definitely need a chest or bulk freezer to store your purchase, as it will not fit into your standard refrigerator freezer. We would be glad to recommend one to you!


    I want to order a pig, now what?

    Our pigs are very limited in quantity, with first deposits receiving priority. We should be able to get pigs to process every couple months. If you have any specific questions or would like more detail on something just shoot us an email at info@augustacres.com. In order to reserve your spot, a deposit will be required.

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